Smelly feet aren’t fun, infact in my house, my feet have been considered a form of biological warfare. I’ve literally tried everything.

One of the main causes of shoes that smell and foot odor is when wearing the same shoes every day, allowing the sweat to enter the shoe and wearing them again before they are dry. Causing an ugly environment for bacteria to grow.

Skunkfresh helps stops that. Absorbing the moisture from the surrounding shoe it’s placed in.

Sweaty feet can also be treated with an antibacterial foot scrub. Although it is generally advised to avoid such treatments if you suffer from eczema or broken skin. Making sure feet are dry completely and the use of a small amount of talcum powder before putting your socks and shoes on can help to a degree.

Medicated insoles for shoes can also provide an additional deodorising effect.

Make sure you also check for athletes foot as this is another common issue. You can treat this with antifungal treatment available at any pharmacy.

In the event none of these tips help, seeking medical advice for further advice may help. As it could be caused by a condition known as Hyperhidrosis.