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Whether it’s shoes or boots, our deodoriser helps eliminate bad smells and bacteria.
Works just as effectively in your sports and gym bag, boxing gloves, kids football boots and running shoes.  Buy from Amazon today!

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Our shoe deodoriser and boot deodoriser is a firm favourite by footballers and sportsmen alike.

Welcome to Skunkfresh, we often get asked these questions.

How can I stop my football boots from smelling?

Your answer to that and more is the Skunkfresh deodoriser your answer to a powerful football boot smell remover. Designed to eliminate bad odors and bacteria from your shoes. Simply placed inside, Skunkfresh technology will absorb moisture from shoes, rugby boots, football boots and wellies effectively giving bacteria no time to reproduce and create that nasty smell.

How do I use the shoe deodoriser?

Simply place each shoe deodoriser inside each shoe overnight, in the morning, place in the sunshine to recharge to use in your shoes again.

My gym bag has mold in it! Will the skunk fresh shoe and boot deodoriser help?

In the unfortunate event that your gym bag has mold in it, it’s already too late, perhaps a wash in the machine will help. One of my many favorite sayings,  prevention is better than cure. Skunkfresh deodoriser will actively absorb moisture inside the gym bag massively reducing the chance for mold to grow.

An even better alternative is the Skunkfresh Gym Bag. With built-in Skunkfresh stay-fresh technology.

How to keep my football gloves fresh?

Skunkfresh deodoriser will certainly reduce the sweat left behind after a tough game of football.  Eliminating nasty germs along with it.

I have hyperhidrosis will this help stop the smell in my shoes?

If you suffer from hyperhidrosis of the feet you’ll know how sweaty feet can get sometimes, almost to the point shoes are soaked.  Yes, it’s highly recommended to grab a pair of Skunk Fresh shoe deodorisers.

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National Running Show in Birmingham

Skunk Fresh will be featured at the National Running Show in Birmingham. 20th to the 21st of January 2018. Be sure to pay us a visit at the RSN and Gymbeing stand, near the entrance of the hall! Get information on tickets for the running event here

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Now stocked in Redditch

Skunk fresh is now available at the Redditch based, Redditch Sports Nutrition. Redditch Sports Nutrition is a family run business since 2012. Supplying Redditch, Birmingham & Worcestershire with quality sports nutrition, supplements, and the latest fashion wear....

Wholesale Skunkfresh enquires

If you wish to stock skunk fresh in your local gym or shop and are interested in a profitable and popular product with free promotional posters enquire below.

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Welcome to the new face of skunk fresh

Welcome to our new website.  Skunk fresh is a shoe deodoriser and boot deodoriser that works in bags, cars, gloves and more. If you'd like to inquire about wholesale information for your gym or shop, contact [email protected] Our website was developed by Lion IT...