How to stay Hygienic whilst working-out

dirty gym weights personal trainerWorking-out and gym membership is essential for healthy-minded individuals. But not all gym-goers appreciate their cleanliness as much as they do their toned bodies. It has been shown that some gym-goers can at times behave in very unhygienic ways.

We start by highlighting the worst offences against gym hygiene.

Dirty Gym Habits to Watch Out For

In a recent poll of two thousand gym and personal trainers, compiled by Nuffield Health, they exposed a number of the weird gym hygiene habits:-

  1. Nearly 50 percent, of all people surveyed, confessed to secretly using a towel, toiletry or drink which was not theirs.
  2. 16 percent of the surveyed gym revealed that they had not even washed their gym kit between workouts at least one occasion.
  3. 18 percent of the polled gym-goers confessed they had gone to the gym whilst suffering from a virus or sick and unwell.
  4. A further 74 percent of individuals also revealed that they had witnessed yet another member perpetrate a crime against hygiene, for example; not wiping down a sweaty machine after use, or leaving behind a filthy item of clothing.

Hygiene ideas you should enhance your Gym routine

Hopefully, the dirty gym customs have not discouraged you too much from your workout. Fortunately, we’ve compiled these excellent suggestions to keep you hygienic in addition to healthful:-

Our Best Nine Tips for Gym Hygiene

personal trainer fitness towl1) Wipe down all fitness equipment before (and after) use.

Bacterial and viral diseases could easily spread on the surfaces of gym gear. We propose wiping down each machine before and after use to minimise this threat. Carrying your own towel to pay for chairs and chairs can also be good practice.

2) Don’t Touch Your Face! Whatever you do.

Although possibly the most obvious suggestion, this is most likely the most important but among the toughest to comply with as we frequently don’t realise we are doing it. As already established, communal gyms can be quite filthy places; the last thing you need to do after being in contact with such surfaces would be to then touch your face with the exact hands. To combat this we propose regularly washing your hands properly, particularly after a gym workout session. In addition, don’t wash your face with the exact same towel that’s picked up all of the surface germs from the gear! Use a paper towel if available.

3) Bring a Towel for Saunas & Steam room use.

Many bacteria can flourish in moist and hot environments. To avoid getting a nasty rash in an inappropriate location, we propose sitting on your own clean towel, instead of the public sauna seat.

4) Wear protective footwear in tropical pool and shower locations.

Wearing flip-flops or shower shoes greatly decreases the probability of picking up athlete’s foot, warts or other fungal spores. Additionally, it is suggested to disinfect your footwear on a regular basis also.

5) Prevent the Gym’s communal water fountain.

Ever noticed that really sweaty men go right to the fountain after running for an hour straight? Exactly! No offence to the person, but his perspiration has dripped down the fountain’s faucet. You do not want to risk that moving into your mouth.

6) Invest in a good refillable water bottle.

We advise on purchasing either a metal or filtered bottle because these will be free of BPA (a compound which has a questionable health impact). Clean it regularly with warm, soapy water, and be on high alert to the sneaky drink-sippers emphasized earlier.

7) Bring your own mat for floor exercises.

This is very true for Yoga-based exercises, where it’s essential for you to rest your hands and face in the mat lining. By bringing your own, you can ensure it is clean and nice, in addition to germ-free.

8) Open wound or disease? Better to skip the swimming pools now.

Any broken skin, open wound or similar disease is prone to draw nasty bacteria that are lurking in swimming pools or hot tubs. This is one of the most significant healthcare hygiene tips, as you’ll also be transmitting bacteria from your wound to the water.

9) Feeling Sick? Take a day off to rest!

Whilst sick your body is more prone to picking up extra infections. You’ll also risk contaminating your fellow gym-goers, which will then make it harder for you to shake-off your illness.

Through careful consideration of all the health care hygiene tips above, we feel that consumers of public gyms, leisure centres and health clubs can keep themselves protected from a great deal of viral, fungal or other ailments that may otherwise cause problems.

Our objective is to enable our readers to stay sterile when in their local gym or health club. We hope that you find these tips helpful!

Thanks to the online personal trainer at Better Shape.